Junior Roos represented in SAMCA cup

During the January Holidays, representative teams from each Association are selected to play against other metropolitan Associations. Goodwood Cricket Club this year had players in each age group selected to represent the South Central Junior Cricket Association and the South/West Adelaide Turf Association.

William Patton was the only player from the under 11’s from Goodwood to be selected. Although they lost the Grand Final, William was chosen as a representative in the Team of the Year. Well done to William.

Jack Ramage and Daniel Wakim were both selected in the under 13 competition from Goodwood.

Both boys had an outstanding carnival, highlighting with a win in the Grand Final and Daniel being selected in to the under 13 Team of the Year. Congratulations to both boys.

The under 15 squad had 4 boys from Goodwood selected.
They were Riley Satanek, Declan Bayly, Thomas DeGennaro and Nick Fitzgerald.


Unfortunately they only managed one T20 game for the carnival (with a convincing win) as the temperature soared in the 40’s for the carnival and games were called off.   Well done also to all Goodwood players that tried out for the Association Teams.


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