ATCA Award Winners

The Adelaide Turf Cricket Association Dinner was held on Wednesday 26th of March at the Arkaba Hotel.

Goodwood Cricket Club was well represented with players from various grades and ages in attendance. Club secretary Dylan Turner has been hard at work collating and correlating our players information and official seasons played throughout the season. On the night a majority of Goodwood CC players have been accepted “officially” recognised by ATCA for recognition of 15 and 25 years significant service.

Certificates will be presented to players at the Clubs Senior Presentation evening – Friday 4th April 2014.

ATCA Significant Service Award

25 Years

  • Lloyd Cook
  • Mark Hogan
  • Stephen Maliniak
  • Jason Pike
  • Tim Sargent
  • Wayne Sutter
  • Stuart Thomson

ATCA Significant Service Award

15 Years

  • Peter Argent
  • Wayne Cooper
  • Kaniel Cooray
  • Tony Emmel
  • Nick Daniel
  • Terry Fairlie
  • Nathaniel Fox
  • Dean Garrett
  • Nick Harding
  • Chad Harris
  • Paul Haynes
  • Richard Jackson
  • Scott McGibbon
  • Simon Misso
  • Andy Moore
  • Simon Nordestgaord
  • John Ovens
  • Robert Pepe
  • Warwick Potts
  • Alan Reid
  • Brett Russell
  • Jamie Scott
  • Jason Scroop
  • Greg Stagg
  • Peter Stewart
  • Andrew Summerton
  • Gavin Warnest
  • Nick Wray
  • Awards

    Goodwood Cricket Club players  Matthew Ewers, Tim Keen and Chris Valente won trophies for their various disciplines in the C3, B1 and LOC grades respectively; well done and its great to see Goodwood wining some ATCA awards.

    We also came close on a few other awards, with Jason Scroop only a handful of votes from a A.4 Keeping trophy, as was Michael Ledgard finishing only a handful away from A.1 Keeper of the Year. Unfortunately Goodwood Cricket Club had no players selected in the ATCA team of the year for 2013/2014.

    Simon Misso again polled well with the Umpires in Fieldsman of the Year.

    ATCA Spirit of Cricket Award

    Goodwood Cricket Club finished 5th in the award named after our highly regarded and esteemed President Jeff Emmel. The award for the 2013/2014 season was given to the Brighton Cricket Club.

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