Presentation Night 2013/2014

Goodwood Cricket Club Senior Presentation Night was held on April 4th at Strathmore Hotel.

Club Awards

Jason Scroop receiving his Honorary Life Membership

Jason Scroop receiving his Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Member
Jason Scroop

AD ‘Pop’ Niemann Award
for Best Club Person 2013/14
Anthony Satanek

Best Club Fielder 2013/14
Ash Dumigan

Club Champion 2013/14
Chris Valente

Coach’s Award 2013/14
Warwick Potts

Performance Awards

Greg Stagg A1 Batting Trophy
Jon Tamblyn – 347 runs

Rob Cole A1 Bowling Trophy
David Sampson – 22 wickets

A1 Best Team Man
Brad Muggleton

Outstanding Performance A1
Jon Tamblyn 104* v Unley Rd 1
Tom Barnhurst 5/11 v Payneham Rd 3
David Sampson 5/63 v Brighton Rd 9

A4 Batting Trophy
Kyle Harding – 269 runs

A4 Bowling Trophy
Matthew Keen & Tim Sargent – 26 wickets

A4 Best Team Man
Warwick Potts

Outstanding Performance A4
Matthew Keen 5/68 v Old Ignatians
Kyle Harding 146 v Reynella Rd 4
Matthew Keen 5/36 v Golden Grove Rd 6

B1 Batting Trophy
Lloyd Cook – 232 runs

Tim Keen

Tim Keen with his awards for the evening. Might need a trolley for these Trophies Timmy!

B1 Bowling Trophy
Timothy Keen – 34 wickets

B1 Best Team Man
Timothy Keen

Outstanding Performance B1
Timothy Keen 5/35 v Grange Rd 1
Timothy Keen 6/52 v Brighton Rd 2
Timothy Keen 5/20 & 6/17 v Reynella Rd 3
Simon Robinson 102* v Reynella Rd 3
Chad Harris 5/26 v AHOS Rd 4
Matthew Luker 5/29 v AHOS Rd 4
Timothy Keen 7/50 v Walkerville Rd 5

C1 Batting
Michael Wakim – 198 runs

C1 Bowling
Jason Pike – 16 wickets

C1 Best Team Man
Peter Jolley

Outstanding Performance C1
Andrew Summerton 6/25 v Grange Rd 6

C3 Batting Trophy
Matthew Ewers – 324 runs

C3 Bowling Trophy
Nathaniel Fox – 16 Wickets

C3 Best Team Man
Michael Jolley

Goodwood CC 2013/14 Outstanding Performance C3
Nathaniel Fox 6/27 v Woodville Rechabites Rd 3
Matthew Ewers 5/22 v Pooraka Rd 4
Matthew Sale 5/4 v Pooraka Rd 4
Ryan Miller 5/22 & 6/10 v Port Districts Rd 7
Matthew Ewers 119 v Port Districts Rd 7

LOC Batting Trophy
Chris Valente –  544 Runs

LOC Bowling Trophy
Chris Valente –  18 Wickets

LOC Best Team Man
John Ovens

Outstanding Performance LOC
Colin Tuckwell 122* v Flinders Park
Kyle Harding 115 v Para Hills Rd 11
Graham Tomasini 6/17 v Penfield Central Districts Rd 18

Most Valuable Player T20 A Grade
David Sampson

Most Valuable Player T20 B Grade
Grant Lovering

Goodwood Cricket Club 2013/2014
Team of the Year

Brad Holt
Simon Misso
Michael Ledgard (vice-captain)
Chris Valente
Jon Tamblyn (captain)
Kyle Harding
Matthew Ewers
Adam Berry
Timothy Keen
Henry Smith
Matthew Keen
David Sampson (12th man)

2013/2014 A.4 #Premiers

2013 / 2014 ATCA A4 Premiers – Goodwood C.C. B grade T.Sargent, K.Harding, W.Potts, H.Smith, J.Scroop, C.Muggleton, A.Berry, G.Lovering, C.Harris, A.Dumigan, A.McGregor.

Premiership Team:
Grant Lovering (c), Adam Berry, Ash Dumigan, Kyle Harding, Chad Harris, Andrew MacGregor, Darren Martin, Warwick Potts, Tim Sargent, Jason Scroop, Henry Smith and Chris Muggleton (12th man).

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