Goodwood Cricketers Golf Club

Introducing Social Golf at the Goodwood Cricket Club. A few boys from the Goodwood cricket club floated the idea of starting a social golf club and the word has spread with lots of interest.

Once a month generally on Sundays during winter and possibly weeknights during summer but we’re open to suggestions, to play a round of golf with you’re mates. I prepose we select a handful of courses people are willing/interested in playing and go from there. It wont matter how good or bad you are because we will be using a handicap system.

It’s FREE and all you are required to do is join up to the site and become a member of the club. The site basically takes care of everything we just create events and enter scores after the round. It keeps track of everyones handicap, event winners and future events. I think a small fee for each round is a good idea and possibly fines for “duffed” shots and “fannies” etc which can be put aside for prizes (nearest to pin, longest drives) and a bbq/beers every now and then.

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My Social Golf Club by: Goodwood Cricketers Golf Club

To sign up follow these instructions:

1) Visit
2) Click ‘Sign Up Now!’ if you have not already.
3) Sign up by entering your details or using your Facebook account.
4) Once your account is activated, login to My Social Golf Club and click ‘Join a Club’.
5) Enter the club name and password:

Name: Goodwood Cricketers Golf Club
Password: goodwoodroos

6) Click ‘Join Club’.

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