Summary of the 2014 Annual General Meeting

Thank you to all the members who attended the AGM last friday night.

Detailed President’s, Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were tabled. A verbal update was given by Jason Scroop covering all Grounds and Maintenance issues. As always the opportunity was given for any member to ask questions and seek clarity on where the club is heading. The committee sincerely hopes all questions were answered and explained with to everyone’s satisfaction.

Congratulations to those re-elected committee members and newly elected Daniel Stephenson who replaces Imran Webb. Thanks for your efforts Imran. The Committee already has penciled a number of meetings in for the forthcoming months in readiness for the upcoming season.


2014 / 2015 Committee members

  • Jeff Emmel
  • Dylan Turner
  • Warwick Potts
  • Gavin Warnest
  • Terri van Zomeren
  • Brad Muggleton
  • Anthony Satanek
  • Lee Smallacombe
  • Scott McGibbon
  • Daniel Stephenson

Executive positions:

  • J.Emmel – President
  • D.Turner – Secretary
  • W.Potts – Treasurer


If any Senior of Junior Member has any questions or concerns about the club or from matters arising at the AGM, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Club Executive Dylan Turner (0431 116 697) or Warwick Potts (0407 611 217).

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