Goodwood Facilities – Unley Council

During December Goodwood CC President Jeff Emmel & Secretary Dylan Turner attended the Unley Council meeting, representing the Cricket Club, to support a motion from Councillor Don Palmer to commence concepts plans for the improvement of the change rooms, toilets and kitchen areas. As well as upgrading our tired facility the other purpose is to accommodate future female participation in both football and cricket. 

This motion was carried unanimously and the concept plans are to be tabled at the March 2017 Council meeting.  This is excellent news.

With the Football Club we will continue to urge the Council to budget for the  upgrades to the wet areas, toilets, change rooms, kitchen and storage issues as soon as possible with an aim for the works to be completed in 2017.


We will continue to keep you updated as further information becomes available.

Please see below link to the coverage in the Advertiser.

Advertiser News Article

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