Don Emmel’s Century

Congratulations Don Emmel on your 100th Birthday!! From everyone at Goodwood CC we wish you a happy birthday. A terrific achievement worthy of raising the bat.


Some articles from the August 29 1917 issue of ‘The Advertiser’

Property – 6 acres @ Findon, £625. “Splendid Lucern land, Splendid well, modern residence, would make an ideal dairy.”

Work – “Boilermakers wanted, paying 14 shillings per day”

Vehicles – Motorbikes for sale @ £10 each

Furnishings – “Gramaphone to play records by Clara Butt, Madame Melba & all the greatest artists”, 72 shillings

Home goods – “Wonderful vacuum flask for keeping your drinks hot for 24hrs”, 2 shillings

Clothes – “Bruce’s Splendid Suits, made to measure”, 39 shillings

Sport – Goodwood B 6.14.50 defeated Christian Brothers 1.0.6

Melbourne Cup – ‘Westcourt’ wins the 2017 Cup

Health – “Full set of gold fillings available, latest dentistry technology”  £10 6 shillings

Monarch – King George V

Prime Minister of Australia – Billy Hughes was in office as the 7th Prime Minister of Australia

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