Junior Heat Policy

The Heat Policy is split into two sections: Match Days and Training Days


The Executive Officer of the Association shall have the power to cancel play in all sub junior grades, if the day before any match the Bureau of Meteorology’s afternoon forecasted temperature for Adelaide is recorded as 40 degrees or more for the following match day. The Association shall reserve the right to cancel play if it feels the extended heat periods within the Adelaide metropolitan area has exceeded 38 degrees or more for 3 or more consecutive days leading up to match day.
On all Sunday morning match days, it is the sole responsibility of the club to nominate one person per team to dictate playing conditions as identified in this policy while using the below Bureau of Meteorology’s App. No other Weather App can be used.
On match days scheduled for Sunday mornings, 30 minutes before the scheduled commencement of play both coaches (together) will use the BOM App to check the actual temperature for the nominated suburb as per below table and if the temperature reading is,
  • 40 degrees or greater every Sunday game will be considered abandoned
  • 34 degrees or greater the game will be considered abandoned for u/10 and u/12 matches
  • 36 degrees or greater the game will be considered abandoned for u/14 matches
If for some reason both coaches have a different temperature reading it will automatically default to the higher of the two readings
If the temperature dictates the game is to proceed, at each agreed drinks break, both coaches will again check the temperature and if below the agreed cut off temperature applicable to each grade the match will continue.
Matches scheduled as Friday afternoon fixtures will revert to the Associations decision to abandoned matches where the temperature as forecasted on the morning of the match is 38 degrees or more.
The ATCA does not compel an individual to participate in any sanctioned match; it’s their own personal choice/decision. Clubs and Players are encouraged to reference the SACA Affiliates and Club Protection Policy (section 4.6) and Extreme Heat Guide available on the ATCA website (ATCA Policies Page) highlighting important guidelines for clubs and individuals


For all junior age groups, if the temperature is predicted at 9am on the day of training to be 38 degrees or higher, training will be cancelled.
As a duty of care, when there has been a continuous period of hot temperatures leading up to the training day, parents can always exercise discretion not to send their child to training if they feel the weather conditions are not suitable.
Training may all be cancelled if it is overly wet, but you will be notified by the club if this is the case.

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