Message from Sam Turner

Dear fellow Roos,

samturner-2Many not present at our Presentation Night on Friday (congrats to all the award winners) would not be aware my time as Goodwood Cricket Club Senior Coach has come to an end. It is with a heavy heart I relinquish the role I held for the last two cricket seasons. In this short period of time I have seen the club grow and mature into one of the most powerful clubs in the ATCA which gives me a great deal if pride to say. One that should move from strength to strength in the future. That is a great credit to you all.

For me I think the timing is right to step aside and allow a new fresh face to put their stamp on this improving group of cricketers. My vision was always to try and win premierships but importantly educate and teach players how to get the best out of themselves and to develop a culture where we are respected and perhaps even envied on and off the field. Leaving the club in a better position after I have left through smart list management with sustained success achievable moving forward was also a priority. I feel along with the help of many I can walk away knowing the club is in a very healthy position.

The best coaches I had over my playing career had one thing in common with each other. They had made such an impression on me that their principles guided me years after they had left the club I was at.

 My door is always open to ANY player I have coached if you need my help…

I would constantly say to myself “what would John Nason say?”, “what would Andrew Rumbelow say?” or “what would John Palmer say?” if I ever needed advise. [ If I was still unsure, I would ring them such was the relationship and respect I had for them. My door is always open to ANY player I have coached if you need my help, just because I’m not Goodwood CC Senior Coach anymore the player-coach relationship is still there. Always happy to help if I can.

Sam Turner at training stepping the Senior playing group some cricket tactics and game scenarios.
Sam Turner educating the Senior playing group about cricket tactics and game scenarios.

Although very unlikely I won’t categorically rule out coaching again next season or in the near future should an appealing role present itself that ticks every box but I am looking forward to spending more time coaching my kids and helping them progress like my Dad did for me and spending more time with my family . I feel at age 40 (in a few months time) and 8 seasons as a coach I have made a reasonable contribution to the game and put something back.

As always with any leadership position there are many unsung heroes or pillars of a club that are owed enormous thanks. First and foremost our President and spiritual leader Jeff Emmel who is the heartbeat of the club, thanks again for all your guidance, wisdom and support mate. Secondly I would like to thank assistant coach Lyall Enright for his tireless efforts to assist our bowlers in particular and the backbone of any club…it’s committee.

Last of all – I’d like to thank all the players for their commitment and willingness to take on new ideas and try and learn. Also the partners, Mum’s/Dads etc deserve enormous credit for the time they sacrifice in support of their sons, husbands and boyfriends. Cricket is a very time consuming game and all players really appreciate the support as do I.

Thanks again for the opportunity.

Kind Regards,
Sam Turner


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