Goodwood Cricket Club senior team selections

2 Day Comp – Round 1 (17th October 2020)

1 Day Comp – Round 1 (17th October 2020)

** Note ** Regarding team selection, the presumption is that you are available to play cricket. If you are not available for the upcoming round of games, please ensure you notify the Chairman of Selectors, Warwick Potts via text to 0407 611 217, as soon as you know that you are NOT available.

Home teams please remember to bring afternoon tea of a “decent quality”.
The Goodwood Cricket Club takes pride in the quality of our afternoon teas. We would also like to honour the English tradition of allowing the opposition to begin afternoon tea before we do!

All players of the Goodwood Cricket Club are also reminded to ensure the clubs reputation is upheld and that all games are played in the context of the true “Spirit of Cricket”.