Goodwood Cricket Club senior team selections

2 Day Comp –  (Round 10 – 24 Feb & 2 Mar 2024)

1 Day Comp –  (Round 17 – 2 March 2024)

Over 50’s – (Season Completed)

** Note ** Regarding team selection, the presumption is that you are available to play cricket. If you are not available for the upcoming round of games, please ensure you notify the Chairman of Selectors, Warwick Potts via text to 0407 611 217, as soon as you know that you are NOT available.

Senior Selection Guidelines

Selecting a cricket side is a challenge given many positions in the side are limited to a small number, such as the wicket keeper and top order batsmen.  Every attempt is made to maintain a happy and enjoyable environment where all players feel valued and rewarded for their effort.  However as with all things in life, the selection decisions won’t always please everyone.  The club ethos is to find a balance between selecting competitive sides and inclusion.  To assist the Goodwood Cricket Club Committee has agreed upon the following selection guidelines to assist the selection committee, which is made up of the team captains, head coach and chaired by the Chairman of Selectors.

In no particular order, these points will all be considered:

  • Financial status in regards to cricket fees
  • Attitude & Behaviour in games and at training
  • Performance in games
  • Attendance at training
  • Contribution made to the club
  • Communication with the head coach
  • Junior cricket background (The Goodwood CC Committee is committed to junior cricket and the development of junior cricketers that choose to play at Goodwood and continue from juniors to seniors)

Team Selection Process 

  • Two day teams are selected prior to the one day teams.
  • Players are to advise the coaching staff and chairman of selectors if they do not wish to be considered for two day cricket selection.
  • The two day teams are then selected in order, e.g A grade first, then B’s etc. with the Coach, Chairman of Selectors and Captain selecting the side, often with input from the captains either side of that team.
  • In the event of a dispute over a selection decision the decision will go to a vote between the Coach, Chairman of Selectors and team Captain, with majority ruling.
  • After the two day teams are selected, any remaining players that didn’t get selected will be put into the squad for one day team selection.
  • The one day teams are then selected in order, e.g A grade first, then B’s, then C;s. with the Coach, Chairman of Selectors and Captain selecting the side, often with input from the other one day captains.
  • Players are to be selected using the published senior selection guidelines.
  • An un-financial player cannot be selected if a financial player misses out on playing all together.

Afternoon Teas

Home teams are required to provide afternoon tea.
The Goodwood Cricket Club takes pride in the quality of our afternoon teas. We would also like to honour the English tradition of allowing the opposition to begin afternoon tea before we do!

Spirit of Cricket

All players of the Goodwood Cricket Club are also reminded to ensure the clubs reputation is upheld and that all games are played in the context of the true “Spirit of Cricket”.

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