Junior FAQs

Below is information about Junior Cricket at Goodwood Cricket Club

What if I am an existing player?

Existing players have priority to return to Goodwood Cricket Club each season. Players will receive a link to register for the up-coming season – On-line registration will only be open for 2 weeks and any vacancies will then be opened up for new players. You will receive this link and opportunity to register late July.

When is the season played?

Junior cricket season starts Sunday 10th October through to the 13th March 2022.

Christmas Break – Last game Sunday 12th Dec first game back Sunday 9th Jan 2022.

What junior age groups does Goodwood field?

U/10 modified rules, u/12, u/14, u/15, u/17 and u/12’s and u/16’s Girls Team. Goodwood Cricket Club in the 2021/2022 season fielded 20 junior sides.

When are matches played?

u/10’s, u/12’s and u/14’s are played on a Sunday morning with the some Friday night games. Sunday morning matches are played from 9am to 11.30am.

u/15’s and u/17’s are played on a Sunday afternoon starting at 1pm.

u/12 and u/16 girls are played on a Friday evening starting at 5pm, with also some carnival style games.

When is the age group cut-off date?

u/10’s, u/12’s and u/14’s – age groups cut-off date is the 1st September of this year; for example, to play under 14’s the player must be 13 on the 1st of September for the up-coming season.

u/15’s– age group cut-off date is the 1st May of this year.

u/17’s– age group cut-off date is the 1st May of this year.

u/12 girls- age cut off date is the 1st September

u/16 girls age cut off date is the 1st September

What does it cost to play cricket at Goodwood?

u/10’s – $200 per season +$5 Cricket Australia Levy

u/12’s – $220 per season +$5 Cricket Australia Levy

u/14’s – $240 per season +$5 Cricket Australia Levy

u/15’s and u/17’s – $240 per season +$5 Cricket Australia Levy

u/12 and u/16 girls – $100 per season plus a $5 Cricket Australia Levy

Cricket Australia have added a compulsory $5 levy to all registration. This fee is on top the club registration fees.

What about uniform?

All players need to purchase a Goodwood Cricket Club cap (or Broad brimmed hat), Playing Top and Training Top. Cricket white pants can be purchased from any sports store.

Extra playing tops, shorts, training tops, jackets, casual tops and kit bags can be purchased through the club throughout the season.

All players when representing Goodwood must wear compulsory, correct uniform at all times.

Training uniform consists of the club training top and either, club shorts or suitable sports shorts.

Polo tops are also available and although not compulsory, we encourage all players and supporters to wear them to show support for the club.

Cricket “spikes” are not compulsory but encouraged for players that play on turf wickets (u/12 onwards). Sandshoes may be worn but can cause damage to turf wickets and can be slippery for the players.

Playing Equipment

u/10’s boys and u/12 and u/16 girls – Playing equipment is supplied by the club for players to use however Players are encouraged to buy their own equipment. In all other age groups players are expected to use their own playing equipment.

Where and when is training?

All junior boys training is on a Friday night at Goodwood Oval (Curzon Ave, Millswood). Times listed below were for the 2021/2022 season. This season times to be confirmed.

u/10’s – 4pm to 5.30pm

u/12’s – 4.30pm to 6.00pm

u/14’s – 5.30pm to 7.00pm

u15’s and u/17’s 6pm to 7.30pm

All junior girls training is on a Wednesday night at Goodwood Oval (Curzon Ave, Millswood). Times listed below were for the 2021/2022 season. This season times to be confirmed.

u/12 and u16 girls 4pm to 5.30pm

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend training. The canteen in open on Friday nights, along with a BBQ.

Who coaches junior teams?

Goodwood Cricket Club has co-ordinators for each age group and work with the coaches, players and parents on training nights around specific needs and training drills.

All teams require a Match Day Coach and a Team Manager for Sundays. These are all volunteer roles and are generally done by parents of the players. Support and assistance is given to Coaches and Team Managers by the club.

It is also an expectation that parents will assist with scoring, oval set up and pack up, Friday night BBQ and Meals. A parent/guardian or responsible person must be present at all matches to provide supervision to their child(ren)

What type of pitches do I play on?

u/10’s train and play on hard wicket concrete pitches or artificial “flix pitches”.

All other boys age groups train on a mixture of hard wicket and turf pitches. Matches are played on turf pitches for all other junior grades with the exception of u/12 boys and girls having occasional hard wicket games.

Where do I play my games?

Goodwood Cricket Club use many ovals to facilitate cricket in our area. Our home games are predominantly played at Goodwood Oval and Cabra College. Other ovals used by Goodwood include Edwardstown Primary and Park 23 (West Terrace) and Black Forest Primary school.

Can anybody join Goodwood Cricket Club?

Yes. We are a community club giving opportunities to all children who love the game of cricket. Children are encouraged to hone their skills at Kanga Cricket or school cricket until a time when they are able, or nearly able to bowl a full-length cricket wicket.

u/10 to u/12 grades are participation based and all children are afforded the same opportunities no matter of skill level. Scores are recorded but no premiership table is documented, or premierships awarded.

u/14 to u/17’s, become a little more competitive, although, equal opportunities are still respected in u/14’s, these higher grades are scored, they vie for premiership ladder positions and play for premierships. There is a clear move away from equal participation based games from the u15’s age group.

I need more information, whom can I contact?

If you cannot find the information that you require, please feel free to contact the Junior Co-ordinator on 0433 730 314 or goodwoodjuniors@gmail.com

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