Tony Satanek – Honorary Life Member

Congratulations to Mr Anthony Satanek who was awarded Honorary Life Membership this season. With over 10 years of exceptional service, Tony has been an integral part of developing junior cricket at the Roos.

Since Tony took over the Junior Coordinator role from Jane Sale he has grown the junior side of the club significantly.  The number of teams has almost tripled, the revenue stream coming from the junior division has more than tripled and the standard of training for the junior teams has improved out of sight.  The number of ex-junior cricketers playing senior cricket has also never been higher and Goodwood attributes this largely to the work that Tony has done.

Tony’s contribution is extremely significant as he has continued to expand on the culture Jane Sale left but has taken things to a new level.  Tony has been the junior coordinator for the past 6 seasons.  Prior to taking on this role he was a team manager or coach for 4 seasons.  He has been an active member of the committee since taking on the junior coordinator role and he was awarded the Potts Niemann award in 2014.  Tony has never been paid for anything he has done for the club.

Tony was the driver behind changing junior training to Friday nights and changing the coaching structure.  Tony was adamant that the club needed to change these things to get better and he was right. The results are there for all to see.  Significantly better training structure, significantly better coaching and a significant revenue stream to the club from the BBQ and canteen.  Tony was also the driving force behind the clubs move to online registration and fee payment, amongst other things.  In addition to being the catalyst for a number of changes in the past few years, Tony has also set in place a structure that should enable things to continue as they are even when he steps away from his junior coordinator role.  Things such as a junior sub committee, a junior cricket manager and many other roles that have been formalised and implemented under Tony’s guidance.

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